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Your basic guitar lesson will eventually lead to you playing any song you choose with confidence. Although this learning system is suitable for advanced guitarists, it places special emphasis on the beginners. Learn from an experienced lead guitarist with tons of experience. His Education degree makes him a very effective instructor. No matter what musical style you choose, blues, jazz, classical or whatever, your lessons with Jamorama will prepare you for reaching your dreams. Jamorama includes 148 video guitar lessons.

Experts agree that this program is very well designed. You will be in the groove and having a great time within minutes of downloading this system. If you want to learn guitar chords and you play bass or acoustic or electric or even classical then this is for you. If you are looking for a lesson book or lesson dvd then look no further than this program. This is video learning made easy by a Pro Guitarist with a teaching degree.

You will learn in an assortment of ways, from video clips to live jam tracks, to thousands of lines of tabulature with skillfully laid out step-by-step instructions. Click the link above if you want the jamorama review.

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An Overview of Learning How To Read Guitar Tabs

Learning musical notation can take years of music theory training. There is such a big range of musical notation and learning all of them or even just some of the important ones can take quite a while. If you prefer to learn how to play guitar through written content, there is still hope.

A good alternative is to learn to play guitar tabs. Guitar Tablature, or tab for short, is easy to understand and it is not surprising that most books on learning how to play guitar use tablature, usually in combination with sheet music, instead of sheet music alone.

Guitar tab is basically a method of showing guitar fingeringsfinger placements that correspond to the song that it is illustrating. The simplicity of guitar tabs has its tradeoffs, like not being able to show timing or rhythm, its simplicity though is still why so many people use it. Instead of using musical notation it carries numbers in their place which could only apply to stringed instruments like the guitar.

Most guitarist can't tell how a song sounds like by just using guitar tabs because it essentially shows you where to put your fingers on the strings of the guitar and on which fret among other things without any indication of timing and how it sounds like.

Guitar tablature is made up of six lines instead of five as in music sheet and each line represents a string on the guitar. The low string (the thickest string) is represented by the bottom line. It is basically like what you see when you look down while holding the guitar in the playing position.

The tune of the guitar string is usually written alongside each tab line at the beginning. When no tuning is indicated, the strings can usually be assumed to be in standard tuning (EADGBE).

Numbers on the lines indicate the fret at which to play the strings. A zero indicates that an open string is to be played.

Guitar tabs can also show you the different techniques when playing the guitar like bends, slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs, harmonics, rake, tapping, vibrato and picking directions. Musical notation is usually written above the tab where fingerings (which finger you use to fret the guitar) are shown.

An explanation on how to read guitar tabs is usually included in guitar magazines and it is quite easy to learn. Guitar tabs are also used in most guitar books, online guitar lessons and Guitar Lessons DVDs. It is incredibly useful for people who are just starting to learn how to play the guitar.

Go to if you wan to learn how to read tabs.

Learning Guitar DVDs are a great way to learn how to play guitar. Online guitar guru can also be as effective but Guitar Training DVDs gives you more of a sense of ownership because you get something that is tangible.

Like online guitar guru and everything else, there are good ones and there are bad ones and it is affected on a few element. There are 3 main elements that make a good Guitar Training DVD;

1. The guitar gurus ability to teach
2. The structure of the guitar lessons
3. Video Quality.

Characteristics of a good guitar teachers in Guitar Training DVDs?

All three elements are important but the guitar guru is what makes or breaks the overall value of the Guitar Training DVD. Of course the Guitar Instructions structure and video quality play an important part in the overall user experience but they mean nothing if no one is delivering the lessons well – people tend to give up as a result of getting bored with the lessons.

guitar gurus should ideally have all of the following attributes:

1. Good communications skills
2. Ability to play the guitar well
3. Played professionally
4. Great personality
5. Understands what a beginner is going through when it comes to learning the guitar

While you don’t need a guitar superstar to teach you to play the guitar though it would be great especially if your level of playing is above that of an intermediate player, it is not necessary. Guys like Slash and Eric Johnson are legendary guitar players and they have at some point taught guitar lessons both online and/or on DVD.
I am convinced that great guitar players don’t necessarily make good guitar gurus or can make good Guitar Training DVDs. Just try youtube and search for Guitar Instructions by Slash and Eric Johnson and you’ll see that there are a lot of other people that could could probably do a better job.

Guitar Instructions Structure

Without a good Guitar Instructions structure, instead of learning guitar in a efficient way students tend to float around between lessons and hence have difficulty maintaining focus and progressing through to the next level and without quick progress, people also tend to give up.

There are many ways of structuring Guitar Instructions but I’m not an expert in structuring Guitar Instructions because I’m not even a guitar guru, I'm more of a lifelong student myself. It’s not possible to tell the quality of the Guitar Instructions structure from the cover itself.

You can tell if the structure of the Guitar Instructions is good if you go through the lessons yourself, it's may be more of a personal experience. But you would want to know this before you buy the dvd, not after you bought it. The next best thing would be to look for reviews.

Video Quality

Video quality is critical in a way that if you can’t see what is being taught you can miss what is really important in the lesson or even not get anything out of the lessons at all. Very high quality video make the viewing experience pleasurable and increases the perception that the lessons are also of high quality, hence better learning experience.
The important thing is that you can see all the fingering and picking/strumming. The picture should be big enough to see when viewed with the 15” screen.

Other factors

Other factors that influence the quality of Guitar Training DVDs are audio quality and level of detail. Good audio quality almost always comes with good video quality and the lessons structure would usually take into account the level of detail required to be able to get the message across.

The Basics Of Learning Guitar

Well, now you are interested in playing guitar and you require some tutor to assist you play guitar. Several online guitar lessons can be found on the internet which can turn a novice into a master. If you are really interested in playing guitar, you can take one of these lessons and start playing the instrument. However, there are some basics that you should know if you want to learn guitar.

The easy way to learn guitar is practicing the chords which are the fundamentals. To create chords, you must make use of your fingers in the right way. The guitar lessons will tell you where to place your fingers and which strings to pluck. A person who has the ability to learn on his own should know how to hold the guitar in the right way. There are several positions to hold the guitar and you must first learn that from the lessons.

If you want to learn and master guitar, you should know the guitar type you want to learn. Electrical guitar is the most wanted one as you can play many new tunes using the artificial add-ons and technologies. Anyhow, learning to play electrical guitar also requires more practice. You should not consider acoustic guitar to be inferior as this guitar is still used in a number of classical programs. If you want to play solos, you must learn to handle acoustic guitar because you can create exciting and excellent tones in the truest form using this type of guitar. Funk guitar is generally not used to play solos. You must be an expert guitar player to create exotic tunes with funk because you have to carefully watch the rhythm of the song when you use this guitar.

The online guitar lessons help you learn guitar from your convenient place. You don’t have to go to the physical classes to learn to play guitar. However, you have to put in lot of efforts to practice the chords very often to create the desired sound. There is no one to follow you and correct you with the online lessons. You must be a self learner and you must follow the instructions closely.

After learning to play the chords in the right way, you can be positive and start creating tunes as the tunes are formed by combining chords. Rehearsal is highly essential to online guitar lesson. Those who have passion for music can make use of the guitar lessons and you can use the same lessons to play varieties of guitars because the basics are the same with various guitars.

The Easy Way To Learn Guitar

A lot of people have interest in playing guitar. Some of them were able to attend to the physical classes, but the others don’t have time to go to any musical school. To help everyone learn guitar, there are many online guitar lessons. If you are a beginner, start from the basics and proceed to the intermediate level to learn guitar playing. Many courses are available and hence, it may be confusing for you to pick the correct course. It is important to choose a course that provides lessons for playing any type of guitar. Different types of guitars have to be played in a different way the notes being the same.

If you want to learn and master guitar, you need to pick the appropriate guide. You no more have to attend the musical classes physically to become a guitar playing expert. Now, there are several guitar DVDs that you can order and use them to learn guitar. The advantages with the online guitar lessons are that you can learn how to play guitar from your home. If you want to go back to any lesson, you can do so as you wish. You can also pause whenever you want and retake the lessons later.

The easy way to learn guitar is to commence with easy lessons where the users are taught the basics of guitar. You have to know how to hold the guitar and play the chord. It is essential to know the correct hands position to play guitar. There are certain methods to play guitar such as hammer ons and pull offs. These playing methods vary with different types of guitars. Many young fellows like to play electric guitar, as the scales are easier to play with such guitars. Playing classical guitar is tough because you have to show more interest in learning more scales and chords. With a classical guitar, you have to give more attention to finger pricking.

To become a maestro in playing guitar, you have to know your own guitar style. It is impossible for a beginner to identify the suitable guitar style. However, with more concentration and trying out various styles, you can identify the correct style with which you are comfortable. The easy way to learn guitar is to search for guitar lessons on various websites and use the free courses first. It is important to realize the different types of guitars and various playing styles so that you can identify the style more suitable for you. Then you can buy the guitar DVD and take up the guitar lessons. Look for a DVD package that contain more lessons as you have to keep going further after learning the basics.

Magic Of Music And Guitar Learning

Every aspiring guitar player faces the following question: "What's the best way for me to learn guitar?" Should you should teach yourself or hire a professional? Which guitar courses are recommended most often? What about those Internet-based guitar training sites? These are all valid questions because how you learn to play the guitar is just as important as what you learn to play. Teaching yourself how to play might work just fine if you've got a good ear and some previous exposure to music theory or proficiency on another instrument.If you are a "newbie" to playing any instrument,it would be a good idea to get a teacher -- or -- join an online program where you can interact with several teachers as well as fellow students. In fact, I would recommend finding at least one 'mentor' or a 'study buddy' to learn with even if you lean towards teaching yourself.

To learn how to read the guitar notes the three tools you need are a few minutes of time every day, a chart with the notes on the guitar fretboard, and a music theory book. The fretboard chart and the music book you can buy at a music store or on the internet. Or you could use the many free guitar lesson websites where you can download or bookmark pages showin gyou the guitar notes. The few minutes each day are often very hard to find but the small effort to step outside your daily routine and see where you can make time to learn the guitar notes will be rewarded.Learning where the guitar notes are on the fretboard is best done while you are holding the guitar and playing the notes you can see on your fretboard chart. Learning which notes are which on the sheet music needs some book learning. If you find the notes of the guitar on the ledger lines, you will see that each note looks different according to its position on the fretboard. The way to begin to learn which note is which is by using the word F A C E to remember the notes in the spaces between the leger lines and the phrase Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit to remember the notes E G B D F which are drawn directly on the lines. If the prospect of learning the guitar notes in this way gives you a feeling of rising panic, remember to take only small steps.

You can take guitar lessons from a musical school or over the internet, in either case you can easily learn to play guitar professionally. You can search over the internet for not only how to learn guitar but also which guitar to buy considering quality, size, price and accessories. Two popular types are electric and acoustic guitars. A well made guitar has a distinct sound and this is what you should be listening for. Try not to buy a cheap guitar if you can get around it. You will find out later that you wasted your money.

Research is crucial to your success. Never buy a guitar based on impulse. Use an easy method of asking friends, strangers, and store owners for input on the best guitar for you. Only then, will you spend your money wisely, and if you are sure about learning guitar then you have a look on yahoo guitar learning directory

Have you ever wondered how it would be like if you could play guitar? There are plenty of choices available for you to learn how to play guitar. You can learn to play guitar online or get free lessons from the internet, books, DVDs, and of course classroom tutorials. It is up to you to choose which works best for you. Video guitar lessons might be confusing. Books may lack practicality for you and a guitar teacher could be the best option if you have deep pockets. What do you do? You can learn guitar on DVD.

Learn Guitar DVD is one of the most effective ways of learning how to play guitar and it can give you a more in depth foundation of theory and reading music. Most people enjoy learning by watching something especially when the video is presented in high quality. This is why Learn Guitar DVDs are so popular.

But if you are already and advanced guitar player then you may not need all of the course content that comes with the package. For this, Guitar Video Lessons may be a better alternative for you. But if you are just beginning to learn how to play guitar then learning to play from DVD lessons is the most suitable alternative available. It lays the foundation for you to become a master guitar player.

The advantage of Guitar Video Lessons is that there are no monthly fees and you don’t need to worry about connection speed. You get large amounts of lessons spread across multiple videos. If you like a systematic approach that prevents wasting time, taking it one step at a time, and having an exact road map to learning something then Guitar Video Lesson method is likely best for you.

Quite a number of DVDs are available in the market for different levels of learning. Most of these DVDs are produced by guitar professional who are also great teachers, and is carefully made out for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

These DVDs can be found in music stores, or you can get them online. Guitar Video Lessons is advantageous in the sense that you learn how to play guitar quickly and easily.
The other advantage is that these DVDs are very cheap. Also if it does not meet your requirement you can easily return them within a stipulated time. Guitar Video Lessons are more interesting than learning from a book and you can make your learning schedules as per your convenience. There are no fixed time classrooms tutorials that you need to commit to. With a DVD you can repeat a lesson over and over again till you are ready to move on to the next lesson. Guitar Video Lessons provide you with enough exercises for you to practice your newfound skills making the lessons far more effective.

How to choose a Guitar Video Lesson:

1. You usually get what you pay for
2. Some Guitar Video Lessons are easier to use than others - Avoid Guitar Video Lessons that are hard to navigate.
3. Be careful of Guitar Video Lessons that only use recycled content from other sources
4. Should be High Quality
5. Must have Detailed Instructions

Suggested Guitar Video Lesson courses:

Learn and Master Guitar: is the one of the most effective course. It provides detailed instructions from learning how to tune the guitar to becoming a master of the guitar - Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Amazing Guitar Secrets: this is a great program for learning how to play guitar but it's not as well made and detailed as Learn and Master Guitar. Even though it's cheaper it's still the best DVD choice especially if you want to learn lead guitar and songs.


The cost of Guitar Video Lessons can range from $20 to over $200. Depending on how much much money you have to spend and your willingness to spend, you can shop around and choose the best in terms of content and value. If you only have a small you can find a learn guitar DVD that will cover the basics and give you a great start on learning to play the guitar. But if you want the best of the best, a higher priced DVD may give you a little more of what you're looking for.

Guitar Exercises

Although guitar practice do involves a great deal of persistence, they also help you stay away what you have always wanted to avoid – lifting heavy weights and running hundreds of miles!

Guitar practice are essentially finger practice that are great for developing your ability to play for longer periods of time. As a beginning guitarist, keeping up with guitar practice will increase your finger strength, dexterity, speed, and motor skills. Remember that the goal of these practice is control, not speed, and be patient with yourself! You will not master the guitar quickly.

For these Guitar Exercises, all you need is a guitar and a plectrum (pick).

– Place your index finger on the 1st fret of the 1st string (high e).
– Pick the string with your right hand using a sporadic picking pattern. In other words, pick down towards the floor, and then pick up to the ceiling.
– After picking the 1st fret four times, place your middle finger on the 2nd fret, 1st string. Pick this note four times as well.
– Place your ring finger on the 3rd fret, 1st string, plucking this note four times.
– Place your pinky finger on the 4th fret, 1st string, and pluck this note four times.
– Go back to the first fret, the exact same way you got to the fourth fret. Make sure to play each note 4 times on your way back.
– Repeat this exercise frets 1-4 then 4-1, on all the strings.

The second exercise is very similar to the first.

– Just like the first exercise, start with your index finger on the 1st fret of the 1st string (high e).
– Play each fret along the fretboard until you get to the fourth fret. Make sure to use the correct finger on each fret (index – 1st, middle – 2nd, ring – 3rd, pinky – 4th). However, instead of plucking each note four times as in the first exercise, pluck each fret note 2 times with an alternating picking pattern (down – up).
– Once again, go back to the 1st fret from the 4th fret, just as you did with exercise one.
– Repeat this exercise, frets 1–4 then 4–1, on all the strings.

The third exercise is also similar to the first two, but instead this exercise focuses on switching frets rapidly.

– Start with your index finger on the 1st fret of the 1st string, and pluck the string once (with a downward pick).
– Place your middle finger on the 2nd fret of the 1st string, and pluck this string once (with a downward pick).
– Place your ring finger on the 3rd fret of the 1st string, and pluck the string once (with a downward pick).
– Place your pinky finger on the 4th fret of the 1st string, and pluck the string once (with a downward pick).
– Go back towards the 1st fret, the same way you did with the above two practice.
– Repeat on all strings. Remember to focus on precision first rather than speed. As you continue to practice these practice, you will be amazed at how quickly your fingers move.

With all of the basics for playing one note on a guitar out of the way, the next lesson will focus on beginner guitar chords. Hope to see you there!
David Coates has been playing guitar his whole life, and is presently a team member of a Free Online Guitar Lessons site. Check out other Beginner Guitar Lessons

How To Read Tablature


You will need to know how to read music if you want to play music that other people have written or if you want to write your own music. There are two types of music you can learn, tablature or notation. GLI will have examples that have both types but you should know how to read both of them.
The downfall to tab is that guitarists don’t get to see chord shapes like they would in regular notation music (the black dots). Also, since only guitar and bass players use tabs it is hard for a guitar player that has only used tabs to communicate with someone like a piano or horn player that uses notation.

Reading TAB

The good thing about tablature is that it is really easy to read. There are six lines, one for each string and there are numbers placed on the lines to show which frets to push down to play the piece at hand. The bottom line represents the lowest string on the guitar. The top line represents the highest string. If the numbers are on the bottom string it means the note is played on the lowest string of the guitar. When the numbers are stacked on top of each other it means to play a chord. Sometimes you will see that there are X’s stacked on top of each other instead of numbers, this means to mute the strings so that the notes do not sound and then strum them.

Time Signatures

Music can be divided up into small sections called measures. The examples in GLI will have measure numbers above the examples in red lettering. Measures are a way to organize music and show time signature. Each measure contains a certain amount of beats according to the time signature. Knowing what time signature we are in will help us to play the music at hand.

Time signature tells us how many notes we can fit into a measure before we have to start another one. If we didn’t have measures and time signature musicians would have a hard time playing together without getting lost in the music. Time signature gives us a predictable route within the music. Tab doesn’t have a real way of showing the time signature that the music is in, but in GLI there will be notation examples along with the tab so you can peer at the notation to see the time signature. Time sigs are shown as a fraction, like 4/4. This is the most common type of time signature. The number on top shows how many notes are in a measure and the number on the bottom will show how long those notes are. In the case of 4/4 there are 4 quarter notes in each measure. You will not have to know a lot of time signatures for now. Just stick with 4/4 until later.

In tab there are a lot of different symbols to know. Aside from lines and numbers there may be slanted lines between two numbers, this means to slide your finger on the fret board between frets instead of just fretting the next note. You can slide down and up depending on what the arrangement of notes is. There are also curved lines between notes that mean to play two notes but only pick the first one, this is called slurring, or hammer ons and pull offs.
At first this should feel like a ton of information. There are still a lot of different symbols, these will get you started on playing though. Like any new hobby or skill you learn, everything you read at first will seem very confusing and complicated.

Good luck!

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David Coates has been playing guitar his whole life, and is presently a team member of a Guitar Lessons for Free site. The site features free tools, lessons and resources for guitarists of all ages and stages. So if you are interested in learning to play guitar there will be an enormous variety of tip, tools and tutorials for you.

Top 10: Sam Ash Music Institute

The Bottom Line: Sam Ash Music Institute is present online and you don't have to wait to study how to play the guitar .

Features: 6.5
Accessibility: 7.5
Content Quality: 7.0
Overall Satisfaction: 7.0

Top 9: Guitar Made Easy

The Bottom Line: Written by Louise Slavnic, Guitar Made Easy is written by an experienced instructor who relies on her experience to help you realize your dream of playing guitar.

Features: 7.0
Accessibility: 7.0
Content Quality: 7.0
Overall Satisfaction: 7.0

Top 8: Unlock the Guitar
The Bottom Line: Unlock the Guitar effectively addresses the basics of guitar playing, from holding to tuning your guitar.

Features: 7.0
Accessibility: 7.5
Content Quality: 7.5
Overall Satisfaction: 7.3

Top 7: Video Guitar Lessons
The Bottom Line: Video Guitar Lessons are just that: a compilation of guitar lessons you can watch through this software, which covers the basics of guitar.

Features: 8.0
Accessibility: 7.0
Content Quality: 7.0
Overall Satisfaction: 7.3

Top 6: Guitar Tutor Pro
The Bottom Line: Guitar Tutor Pro is in e-book form. It also has audio recordings and pictures and has a lot of information that will surely help beginners.

Features: 7.0
Accessibility: 7.5
Content Quality: 8.5
Overall Satisfaction: 7.7

Top 5: Jamorama
The Bottom Line: Jamorama’s approach in teaching how to play the guitar is entertaining although it doesn’t have any videos.

Features: 8.0
Accessibility: 8.0
Content Quality: 7.5
Overall Satisfaction: 7.8

Top 4: Guitar Tricks
The Bottom Line: Complete with an online trial membership, Guitar Tricks combines online learning with instructional variety.

Features: 8.5
Accessibility: 9.0
Content Quality: 8.0
Overall Satisfaction: 8.5

Top 3: Next Level Guitar
The Bottom Line: Next Level Guitar – as the name implies, it helps you take your guitar skills to the next level.

Features: 9.0
Accessibility: 8.5
Content Quality: 8.0
Overall Satisfaction: 8.5

Top 2: Team Method Guitar
The Bottom Line: Team Method Guitar is made up of lessons taught by a variety of instructors, who worked together to produce a complete guitar-teaching package.

Features: 9.0
Accessibility: 8.0
Content Quality: 9.0
Overall Satisfaction: 8.7

Top 1: Learn & Master Guitar
The Bottom Line: Learn & Master Guitar is the ultimate in multimedia learning, effectively teaching you the essentials so you can master the guitar at your own pace.

Features: 9.0
Accessibility: 9.5
Content Quality: 9.5
Overall Satisfaction: 9.3

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