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All the great guitarist have struggled at some point in learning to play the guitar. As far as guitar lessons for beginners there are different ways to go, such as a private instructor, signing up for classes at your local community center, self-teaching method with books and guitar instruction dvds which I recommend because they're cheaper and flexible to a persons schedule. It takes lots of practice and dedication to become a good guitarist. These are songs that everybody in the world knows the words to, or at least they can fake it. Some artists that are always popular at singalongs are James Taylor, Leonard Cohen and Greenday.

Make a commitment right now to consistently practice your guitar. Now, this is the point where practicing the guitar can be like a works for a little while, and yet you eventually fall back into the old habits that you are used to. Dieting is not what we want here. Don't turn your guitar practice time into extended guitar solos.If you have a track of say, six minutes at your disposal, use it to practice licks and short solo breaks, the age of the twenty minute solo is long gone. You can be as basic or as flashy as you like because the songs stand up by themselves with just basic accompaniment or you can use any of the classical guitar style arrangements that you can find in music shops

You could just begin by tuning your guitar half a step down. Or you could take your strings down a whole step so that your guitar is tuned D G C F A D. It's easy to pick up bad habits from them. It may be that this pro is a natural like you, but one that didn't take lessons, or spend months and years perfecting his technique. So I recommend you get guitar instructional dvd. Oh, and maybe Suzanne Vega. Billy Joel's "Piano Man" and "Captain Jack" are songs that get a crowd going but maybe you need some vocal skills for those.

The guitarist could be heard playing the odd bass run but apart from that he was in the background. The blues is not for you. Did a girl leave you for another man, or...another woman? Did you lose your dog? Did you drop your lucky penny down the sewer? Maybe the 7-11 down the street stopped carrying your favorite slushee flavor. You've got the blues, you've got a guitar--now you need to learn the scales. Those distinctive, southern, pre-Elvis post gospel scales. Every blues song consists of three chords. They're the one the four and the five. "Blackbird" and "Hey Jude" would be a good beginning and finale. You might want to think about an instrumental piece to continue the mood once the singing has died away.

Before you get guitar instruction dvd, remember that you are going to give this thing your time and more importantly, your money. So make sure the guitar instructional dvd is a good one before you invest. Go online, see if you can find any write-ups on them, check the papers, ask around, talk to friends. But make sure the guitar lessons dvds is a good one and has a good reputation.

It is that time of year when you walk outside, the air smells crisp and the skies are a little grey. Jack Frost has touched the window panes with his magic fingers and the ice scraper needs to come out of the glove box in order to scrape off the front car window. Street lights take on a new aura as their red and green lights blink on and off.

You begin to drive down the side streets on your way home to see who has the best light show on their lawn, and the children have sent their wish lists off to Santa. If you haven’t guessed what time of year it is, it is Christmas time. Christmas itself represents a Holiday season that has taken on countless meanings all over this diverse country of ours; from snow covered hills like in NYC Christmas streets to pink lights on palm trees, nativity scenes to peppermint pigs.

Ebenezer Scrooge and The Grinch, as well as Miracle on 34th Street and It’s A Wonderful Life, all hold a special place in our hearts. Some of us may travel across the country like on Christmas cruises during Christmas time, while others of us may simply travel across the street. No matter what our Christmas traditions are, there is one very strong connection that we all share.

Recent events in our country’s history, [9-11, Hurricane Katrina], remind us all of this connection and continue to strengthen that bond every day. This time of year we gather together with friends and family. As we gather, some of us may celebrate the birth of Christ, some of us may light candles on a Menorah, some of us may simply unwrap gifts with glee without a second thought.

Yet there is no doubt, no question, that we all gather to celebrate each other. We gather to celebrate life, and family, and those we love. We gather to enjoy good food, good conversation and good company. We reminisce about past holidays, remember those we love who are no longer with us, and plan for the future.

We share photos, Christmas cards, we share gifts, and we share laughs. At Christmas time we look for the innocent sparkle in our children’s eyes as we help them to create their own memories, and tuck them soundly into bed with a smile on their faces as ‘visions of sugar plums dance in their heads’.

No matter our age, our race, or our nationality; No matter our heritage, our upbringing, or our traditions; At Christmas time, we live, we laugh, and we love.