No Access To a Vehicle? Consider Taking the Bus Or Biking Instead

Not having a car makes commuting into work or school a more stressful and difficult task. Many even use lack of a dependable form of transportation as an excuse for not holding a job. In current times, however, many cities offer various forms of public transportation or at least make getting around on a bike safe and easy. So, for anybody stuck in a situation where buying an automobile is not a possibility, consider one of these suggestions that will help make commuting easier.

Whether you already have a bike or not, obtaining one or maintaining one can be done for a low price. The cost will certainly be lower than buying an automobile. So, the first suggestion for getting around on a budget is to obtain a bike. Once you have your bike and are ready to start commuting using it, you must research rules of proper biker etiquette.

It is generally accepted that in present times, the roadways are built for both cars and bikes therefore, adhering to these basic rules that pertain to proper bicycle etiquette will make your commute safe and stress free. First of all, always ride with traffic, never against it. Keep to the right of the lane and be sure to pay attention to stop signs and red lights, just as if you were driving an automobile. Use hand signals when turning and follow lane markings. Try to be as predictable as possible, avoid impulsive movements like weaving in and out of cars. Be mindful of who have the right of way and wear proper safety equipment, which includes utilizing a light at night. These simple suggestions will make sure that your ride will be smooth and safe. Then, after you arrive at your destination, be sure to secure your bicycle using any of the designated bike shelters.

Yet another excellent form of affordable transportation is the city bus. These buses run on various scheduled routes everyday all through cities and stop to pick up passengers waiting at bus shelters along the way. Buses are very punctual and usually only cost a couple dollars per trip. Numerous cities also offer monthly bus passes that you can buy if taking the bus becomes a regular occurrence. These city buses make numerous stops which include scheduled, requested and hail and ride. If a bus shows up early to a stop, they will wait to leave until the designated time to make sure everyone has the opportunity to get on that particular bus. The system is quite dependable and cost-effective.

In a struggling economy, taking on extra bills is not always possible. If this is the case for you, one way to access affordable transportation is to buy a bike or rely on what the city offers. Both options are dependable and more cost-effective than buying an automobile.

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