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Could there be a way to play your favorite songs on guitar fast right now? The answer is undoubtedly yes. The problem is most of the time new guitarists don't know the best way to go about learning their instrument. This results in wasted time, lots of head scratching and annoyance. Have a look at the 3 simple tips below that will make learning guitar more enjoyable for you right from the start.

Starting the guitar can be tough. You don't know where to begin, your fingers are weak and struggle to hold the strings down properly or, you struggle to get any reasonable sound from your guitar because you can't even tune it correctly.

The first thing you will want to do is to find a decent guitar you can learn on. This is very important. A poorly made guitar with a very high action (the gap between the strings and the fretboard at the 12th fret) will make learning more difficult and you will spend a lot of time tuning it to keep the sound okay. The best bet is to buy a guitar with low action. Steel string guitar are more versatile for beginners and unless you only want to play lead buy an acoustic instead of an electric.

When you have finally purchased a good guitar for yourself it's time to find a way to learn how to play it If you find it easier to learn from a teacher then you are best searching out a professional that gives lessons in your area. If you are more independent minded try getting a quality home study course you can use in your own time.

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Easy Tips for Getting a 2nd Hand Guitar

Regularly less expensive than a new guitar and just as prepared to rock out, a secondhand guitar may be the ideal addition to your collection or the ideal thing to start you off, but how do you know that your potential purchase isnt a potential dud?

The truth is that some wonderful guitars, while pricey when new, are comparatively cheap secondhand. Sometimes you'll find a custom or ashorted limited} edition guitar that someone is selling quickly for the money and you can often get a real bargain if you know what you're looking for. It actually pays to do the analysis before thinking about buying a second hand guitar as some sellers will push their price up to cash in, particularly if they know they are selling to an amateur who may not know anything about guitars.

So, as a newbie who may not know much about guitars, what should you be on the lookout for inspecting a secondhand guitar?

Lets just say that you have found a secondhand guitar in the musical instrument section of the once per week classifieds and you are quite eager to go and take a look at it. Below is a listing of hints that may help you when inspecting the guitar and speaking to the vendor :

When chatting to the seller, ask them the following :

1. The make and model of the guitar it is best if you can do some research on the guitar model to discover the asking price elsewhere, both new and secondhand, and whether other people are experiencing issues with it. You can find reviews for nearly any guitar submitted at / Guitar or you can go and ask at your local music store.

2. About the condition of the guitar If theyare truthful, the seller may tell you about any damage thatis undetectable on coarse inspection.

3. How long they have had the guitar If they have had it for a while, they should have a good understanding of its history of use, repairs and upkeep etc . If they are not forthcoming with that kind of info, they might be attempting to pull one over you.

When inspecting the guitar, check the following :

1. The overall condition Look the guitar over and make note of any plain damage guitars regularly take a little bit of damage and if its just tiny scrapes and scratches then the guitar will probably be fine. Look for rust also, not on the strings, but on the hardware thatis holding the strings and the pickups. If there's any rust in these places run! Its not worthit. What good is a guitar that can fall apart on you in the near future? Trust me leave it alone.

two. The neck of the guitar the neck is actually important. Here are some areas to take a look at :

three. Make sure that the neck is not warped or flabby in any way.

Check the area where the neck joins to the body of the guitar look for cracks where it might have been broken in the past.

In the same fashion, check the area where the neck joins the head of the guitar.

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