Hip Hop Mixtapes - A New Musical Form

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Mixtapes originated in the 70s and can be defined as compilation of songs, tracks, drops, skits, and rap freestyles recordings on a cassette. When hip-hop music gained popularity in 80s and 90s, you could hear hip-hop beats all over the United States. Earlier hip hop mixtapes were only played in clubs, parties or parks by the DJs but today they have become immensely popular and commercially sold in the form of digital albums.

Promotional Hip Hop Mixtapes
Mixtapes have low quality than albums recorded in a studio. The mixtape format is very popular among hip hop music lovers and is used to create hype for hip hop artists. The increasing trend of hip hop mixtapes gives the tracks tremendous popularity and great commercial success. Hip-hop mixtapes are also distributed free on artists' live concerts or DJs live shows.

Promotional hip hop mixtapes are available at lower prices than the original album and often feature tracks of the same artist. These tracks are a mixed version of the original songs embellished with various styles like collaborations, remixes, freestyles and voice-overs. Promotional hip hop mixtapes are sold by independent dealers and help to improve the credential and popularity of the artist and give the audience great rhythmic beats to enjoy.

Create Your Own Hip-Hop Mixtapes
With technological evolution and advancement in the music industry, young hip hop music lovers experiment with musical beats and create hip-hop mixtapes at home in the form of an audio CD or mp3 playlist. You can pick your favorite series of underground hip hop songs and compile it on CD with the help of online tutorials and beat making software tools like Sonar, Cubase, Logic, Pro-Tools, Digital Performer, Acid, Ableton live, Tracktion and more. You can explore the sounds and rhythms of hip-hop with online tools and create your personal mixtape collection. You can also create mood-oriented, theme-oriented or genre-oriented compilations according to your own artistic vision.

Top Ten Hip-Hop Mixtapes of 2007
* Warlordz by Dirty Harry
* Do the Right Thing by Clinton Sparks and Kardinal Offishal
* Live Free or Die Hard by Don Cannon and Freeway
* March 9th by Notorious B.I.G
* The Moral of the Story by Saigon
* Da Drought 3 by Lil Wayne
* A Tribute to James Brown: The Foundation of Hip-Hop by DJ Premier
* Geek'd Up Music by Fabo and Young Dro
* Legends Never Die by D.J. Clue and Stack Bundles
* Lost Ones by DJ Noodles and Jay-Z

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