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The progression of my guitar skills.

Andi Sings & Plays Guitar Onstage For the 1st Time

For her Helix High School senior project Andi brought her guitar onstage at Cosmo’s Coffee House on La Mesa Boulevard  December 30, 2008 for her debut stage performance.

She sang and played the Pete Townshend (The Who) version of “Squeezebox.”

To see the performance and hear Andi’s comments about what a senior project is and why she picked this song press the play arrow below…

For her Helix High School Senior Project Andreana Laurvick chose to learn how to play guitar and then play and sing live onstage.

Andi went to Moze Guitars in La Mesa, California and contracted Ian Owen to teach her how to play an accoustic guitar.

Lessons began in May of 2008, and she stepped onstage at Cosmo’s Coffee House in La Mesa, California on December 30, 2008 with her guitar to play for a live audience for the very first time.

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