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Behringer Ultrabass Bxl3000 300-Watt 2-Channel Bass Workstation With Original Bugera 15
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BEHRINGER ULTRABASS BXL3000 300-Watt 2-Channel Bass Amplifier with Original BUGERA 15" Speaker, FBQ Spectrum Analyzer, Compressor and Ultrabass Processor Powerful 300-Watt 2-channel bass amplifier with wedge-shaped cabinet Original BUGERA 15" special high-impact cone speaker Clean channel with dedicated Gain control Distortion channel with dedicated Gain, Shape and Level controls Ultra-musical, active 7-band graphic EQ with FBQ Spectrum Analyzer Revolutionary "see what you play" FBQ frequency indicator for instant sound shaping Switchable Ultrabass subharmonics processor for unbelievable low-end power Integrated Compressor smoothes out volume peaks when playing dynamic slaps Musical limiter... [Read More]
Behringer Ultrabass BXL3000 Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier (1x15 inch, 300 watts)
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When a stack is too high and a practice amp just doesn't cut it, then this truly affordable wedge-shaped Bass Workstation with a powerful 15 in. special high-impact cone speaker is exactly right! With 300 watts of output horse power, your performance will never run out of breath.